About Mike Letulle

Mike Letulle  has been working at improving collaborative business processes through technology since 1997 when he primarily focused on solutions built on the most powerful groupeware software of that time, Lotus Notes. In 1999 Mike joined Andersen Consulting as an application architect for their Lotus Notes team in support of DuPont. While there he helped design and build a robust six sigma project tracking application (which was endorsed and sold by the Six Sigma Academy) and the Andersen Consulting Team Collaboration Tool (Andersen’s most popular project collaboration solution at the time). This was his first introduction to process improvement methodologies as well as the power of enterprise collaboration.

In 2000, Mike joined Intraspect Software which was one of the early pioneers in a true built-for-the-web collaborative knowledge management platform. While there he held a variety of technical roles and eventually was Technical Director for the largest implementation that Intraspect ever did.

When Vignette purchased Intraspect in December of 2003, Mike was a Principal Sales Engineer focusing on the collaboration platform. In this role Mike prototyped several solutions focused on making collaborative business processes more efficient. These included solutions centered on organizational innovation, methodology and best practice management, customer extranets, Sarbanes Oxley audits, COBIT compliance, and collaborative policy management.

In January of 2007, Mike left Vignette (now Open-Text) to join Global 360. (also now Open-Text)  At Global 360, Mike was a Product Marketing Manager and product specialist. His primary focus there was to help create demonstrations and environments to help the Sales Engineers deliver highly compelling demonstrations of the products. While at Global 360, he learned a great deal about process optimization through process modeling, simulation, and analytics as well as the application of process improvement methodologies such as Lean Six Sigma.

In the summer of 2008, Mike founded Full Leverage, where he worked on a variety of projects primarily based on the Vignette Collaboration platform, the largest of which was to build a multi-media web site and content management system for CGAP division of the World Bank.

In December of 2010 Mike joined Salesforce.com as a Lead Sales Engineer where he has worked ever since using the entire Salesforce portfolio of products to enhance business efficiency for large enterprise customers in South Texas.

Mike currently resides in Austin, Texas with his wife and two kids.


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